Fed up with partisan politics, some Americans threaten to pack up and leave every four years, an immigration attorney says.

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It happens every four years, usually right around September.

Calls come in from all over the United States from people threatening to flee their homeland if a candidate they despise wins the Oval Office.

“That’s the amazing thing, when they speak on the phone. They’re adamant. They feel very, very strong about it,” said David Cohen, a Montreal-based immigration lawyer. “‘This government doesn’t speak for me’ is the language that we often hear.”

As a partner at the Campbell Cohen firm, which specializes in immigration to Canada, Cohen says he has received these calls for decades. It sometimes makes him “feel like a therapist because they vent for a while, get this cathartic release.”

But when it comes down to it, Americans don’t move to Canada unless it’s for a relationship or new job – essentially, love and money.

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Cohen says he can remember only three of four cases in more than 30 years that involved someone actually making good on their threat to move to Canada to escape an American president.