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[Updated 4 p.m. Monday, November 5] People make their way through the the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea.
The Gangnam district is the wealthiest neighborhood in South Korea, home to politicians, actors and major corporate headquarters. It's known as the "Beverly Hills" of South Korea, and it became world-renowned through the hit music single "Gangnam Style."
The song's video catapulted South Korean rapper Psy to worldwide fame and made his dance an international phenomenon. At last look, the video had an astonishing 652,423,773 views on YouTube.
Psy recently sat down for an interview with CNN's Shanon Cook, and he talked about the inspiration behind the song and how he has been handling his newfound fame. Check it out here.
Congrats to reader "mjp2116" for being the first to identify the photo as Gangnam.
[Original post] Do you know where this photo was taken?
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