U.S. election 2012: Postcard from Mexico City

Published 2:41 PM ET, Wed October 31, 2012
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The U.S. isn't the only country having an election this year. In July, Mexico held a hotly contested presidential election after six years with Felipe Calderon at the helm. AFP/Getty Images
Outgoing President Calderon (shown in 2012 with Barack Obama) declared war on drug cartels in Mexico in 2006. Since then, tens of thousands have died in the ensuing violence. Getty Images
Enrique Pena Nieto (R), Mexico's president-elect, has pledged to focus more on reducing violence -- and less on catching drug cartel leaders -- and blocking drugs from reaching the United States. AFP/Getty Images
Despite the deadly violence, many Mexicans are disappointed the drug war wasn't addressed in the final presidential debate between Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Getty Images
Journalist Susana Seijas says so far Mexico City remains mostly cocooned from the bloodshed that is consuming many parts of the country. Getty Images
The capital isn't totally immune from the drug war, however. Here, a forensic team examines corpses -- and severed heads -- at a crime scene near an exclusive commercial center in Mexico City in January 2012. AFP/Getty Images
Mexico City's mayor Marcelo Ebrard told Seijas that his government had substantially cut crime in the capital -- an improvement from the days when the city was a hotbed of violence. AFP/Getty Images
Seijas see Mexico City as a reflection of what the rest of the country can one day become. AFP/Getty Images
One Mexico City taxi driver (file photo) told Seijas: "It doesn't matter who wins the U.S. elections, they just better send the loser to sort things out here!" AFP/Getty Images