Filmmaker Sorious Samura on the road

Updated 7:43 AM ET, Wed October 31, 2012
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Sorious Samura's style of documentary-making sees him embedding himself with his subjects such as during his documentary filming with refugees on the Sudan-Chad border. Courtesy Insight News TV Ltd
During filming of the documentary "Living with Refugees," Samura effectively became a refugee by living with a family in a refugee camp for one month. Courtesy Insight News TV Ltd
He lived under exactly the same conditions, eating what they ate and drinking from the same water sources. Here Samura poses with a little girl named Sumaiya. Courtesy Insight News TV Ltd
After filming his award-winning documentary "Cry Freetown," on the war in Sierra Leone, Samura became a consultant on the Hollywood film "Blood Diamond". Here, he is pictured talking to Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of the film. Courtesy Insight News TV Ltd
In a decorated film career that has also brought Peabody and Emmy awards, Samura has rarely submitted his professional or personal style to convention. Courtesy Insight News TV Ltd