Photos: New York recovers from Sandy

Updated 8:32 PM ET, Tue November 6, 2012
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Friends and members of the Puglia family sift through the remains of their missing home for valuables on November 6, 2012, after Hurricane Sandy hit Staten Island, New York. View photos of New York preparing for Sandy. PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images
A part of a house that floated off its foundation during the storm now sits in the middle of a coastal estuary in the Oakwood Beach area of Staten Island. Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images
New York City police officers and a resident warm up in front of a fire in a blacked-out area of Oakwood Beach on Staten Island. PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images
A woman looks through a sand covered parking lot used as a donation center on November 5 in the Rockaway neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. Allison Joyce/Getty Images
Volunteers who call themselves the Broad Channel Police Department help clean a neighbor's damaged house. Allison Joyce/Getty Images
People wait in line for food at a distribution center at Coney Island.
A dump truck empties trash collected from homes damaged by Superstorm Sandy on Saturday, November 3, in the Midland Beach neighborhood of Staten Island, New York. New York is trying to clean up and resume normal activities days after the storm hit. Andrew Burton/Getty Images
A volunteer places donated clothing in plastic bags to protect it from potential rain at a relief center on Saturday in Midland Beach. Andrew Burton/Getty Images
A damaged chair sits on the beach in low-lying Coney Island on Saturday. Mario Tama/Getty Images
A man salvages a set of drums at Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York, on Saturday. Most of the Rockaway Peninsula remains without power. Mario Tama/Getty Images
People gather among debris from Superstorm Sandy and boxes of donated goods on Saturday in Rockaway Beach. Mario Tama/Getty Images
Boats that were swept aground during Sandy sit against homes near a marina on Staten Island on Friday, November 2. John Moore/Getty Images
Eddie Liu uses a broom to clean up mud and water from a flooded coin laundry in Coney Island on Friday. Lucas Jackson/Reuters/Landov
Michelle Dumas hugs her daughter Olivia to warm her up as they wait in an hours-long line for gas at a station Friday on Staten Island. Lucas Jackson/Reuters/Landov
Men try to clean up the destruction in a flooded deli in Brooklyn, New York, on Friday. Justin Lane/EPA/Landov
Members of the Traina family on Friday sort through photographs and other personal items from their Staten Island home that was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. Mike Segar/Reuters/Landov
In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, replacement power utility poles are transported along Old Country Road on Friday in Plainview, New York. Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
Abandoned and flooded cars are piled up on Friday, November 2, in the heavily damaged Rockaway neighborhood, in Queens, where a large section of a landmark boardwalk was washed away. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Food trucks and men selling bread and cheeses line Broadway at Union Square on Friday in New York as the city recovers from the effects of Superstorm Sandy. STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images
Debris piles up near the foundations of the iconic boardwalk, which was washed away in the Rockaway neighborhood in Queens. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
A man rides his bike through the heavily damaged Rockaway neighborhood. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Matthew Mark Meyer, left, and Annie Barwick, center, sit in a darkened Randolf Beer Restaurant which is using generator power to reopen on Friday in New York City. STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images
People walk through the heavily damaged Rockaway neighborhood. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Commuters pack into a train on Thursday in New York City. Limited public transit has returned to the city, where 14 of 23 subway lines are running. Allison Joyce/Getty Images
Commuters ride the subway. Public transit is operating in New York City, but travel times are long, up to five hours in some cases. Allison Joyce/Getty Images
A police officer directs passengers waiting on Thursday to board city buses into Manhattan at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. About 4,000 buses are replacing the subway lines still closed by Superstorm Sandy damage. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Thousands of people wait to board city buses into Manhattan, and some subway lines remain underwater. Getting water out of the tunnels is "one of the main orders of business right now," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
A police officer directs traffic entering the Brooklyn Queens Expressway into Manhattan. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
A police officer checks cars entering the Brooklyn Queens Expressway to confirm that they have three occupants before allowing them to cross into Manhattan on Thursday. Limited public transit has returned to New York, and most major bridges have reopened. However, vehicles must have three occupants to pass. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Parts of lower Manhattan are still without electricity on Thursday. Superstorm Sandy, which made landfall along the New Jersey shore on Monday, October 29, left much of the Eastern Seaboard without power, including much of Manhattan south of 34th Street. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images
Residents of New York City's East Village enjoy a bonfire on Wednesday, October 31. Allison Joyce/Getty Images
East Village residents charge their phones with power from a generator on Wednesday. Allison Joyce/Getty Images
Traffic snarls in New York City on Wednesday. Residents and businesses across the Eastern Seaboard are attempting to return to their daily lives in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Peter Foley/Bloomberg/Getty Images
A Caring Foundation worker hands out food to residents of the heavily damaged Rockaway section of Queens on Wednesday. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Water floods streets in the Rockaway section of Queens on Wednesday. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Traders stand outside of the New York Stock Exchange in New York on Wednesday. Stocks advanced as U.S. equity markets resumed trading for the first time this week after the storm. Peter Foley/bloomberg/Getty Images
A man surveys damage on Wednesday, October 31, in the Rockaway neighborhood of Queens, New York, where the historic boardwalk was washed away during Superstorm Sandy. Getty Images
Residents walk with their belongings through the Rockaway section of Queens on Wednesday. Getty Images
The remains of homes burned down in Rockaway are seen Wednesday, a day after an inferno spread across the flooded neighborhood. Getty Images
Firefighters continued to survey the damage in Rockaway on Wednesday. At least 80 homes were destroyed. Getty Images
People wait for buses on Sixth Avenue in New York on Wednesday as New Yorkers cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images
People attempt to squish into a crowded bus on First Avenue in New York on Wednesday. Andrew Burton/Getty Images
Con Edison crew members work on a steam pipe on First Avenue on Wednesday. Andrew Burton/Getty Images
The foundations to the historic Rockaway boardwalk in Brooklyn are all that remain after it was washed away Wednesday during Hurricane Sandy. Spencer Platt/Getty Images
People walk to work Wednesday on a normally busy street near the New York Stock Exchange. STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday after it had been closed for two days. Allison Joyce/Getty Images
Commuters arrive in Manhattan by ferry from Jersey City, New Jersey, on its first day back in business after Sandy. Allison Joyce/Getty Images
CNN iReporter Jordan Shapiro captured this view of the Williamsburg Bridge in New York at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, October 30. Half of the bridge and Brooklyn is lit, while the Manhattan side and the surrounding part of the island remain shrouded in darkness. Courtesy Jordan Shapiro
A subway station and escalator sit underwater in New York on Tuesday. From MTA
Much of the New York City skyline sits in darkness Tuesday evening after damage from Superstorm Sandy knocked out power. About 6.9 million customers are without power in 15 states and the District of Columbia, according to figures compiled by CNN from power companies. Getty Images
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, center, views the damage Tuesday in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens, where a fire broke out during Superstorm Sandy and destroyed at least 80 homes. AFP/Getty Images
A resident looks through the debris of his destroyed home in Breezy Point, Queens, on Tuesday. Getty Images
Burned-out vehicles and destroyed homes line a street in Breezy Point, located on the western end of the Rockaway peninsula in New York. Getty Images
A fire continues to burn Tuesday in the remains of a structure that was destroyed by the Breezy Point blaze. Getty Images
A New York City man hands a dog to first responders while being evacuated on Tuesday. Getty Images
A bartender at the International Bar in the East Village neighborhood of New York City makes drinks in the dark on Tuesday as electricity remains out for many in the city. AFP/Getty Images
Water floods the Plaza Shops in New York, in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, on Tuesday, October 30. Getty Images
Con Edison employees monitor the drainage of water being pumped out of Seven World Trade Center in the Financial District of New York on Tuesday. Getty Images
Onlookers watch a construction crane dangling from a $1.5 billion luxury high-rise after collapsing in high winds. AFP/Getty Images
The construction crane dangles from a high-rise in midtown Manhattan. AFP/Getty Images
Ramiro Arcos clears debris from a storm drain in the Financial District of New York after Sandy swept through the city. Getty Images
A couple walks in the rain Tuesday, with the East River and the Lower Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. Getty Images
The Manhattan skyline remains dark after much of the city lost electricity in the storm. Getty Images
Cars float in a flooded below-street-level parking area in the Financial District on Tuesday. Getty Images
People take a Tuesday morning walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, which remains closed to traffic after the city awakened to the storm damage. Getty Images
A car sits crushed by a tree in the Financial District on Tuesday. Photos: New York braces for Sandy. Getty Images