Photographers re-imagine iconic images

Updated 9:53 AM ET, Tue October 30, 2012
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Using her iPhone, Penelope Umbrico took pictures of mountains from Aperture's "Master of Photography" photo books and processed them through photo applications to create images for "Moving Mountains (1850-2012)," a candy-colored mosaic of 87 images that will also be compiled into a photo book this year. Penelope Umbrico
Vik Muniz used fragments of pages from Edward Weston's "The Daybooks, Vol. 1 Mexico" to create "The White Iris," a photographic collage based on Weston's portrait of fellow photographer Tina Modotti, from the series "Pictures of Paper," 2012. Courtesy Vik Muniz/Sikkema, Jenkins & Co.
Martin Parr selected Issue 103 of Aperture magazine (1986) for his project, a book called "Martin Parr: A Very Important issue of Aperture Magazine," which includes this image, "Venice, Italy, 1990." courtesy Martin Parr/Magnum Photos
"Malvern, England, 2000" by Martin Parr. courtesy Martin Parr/Magnum Photos
"Greens Cafe, Tynwald, St. Johns, Isle of Man, 2011." courtesy Martin Parr/Magnum Photos
Rinko Kawauchi chose Sally Mann's acclaimed Immediate Family series, in which Mann uses as subjects her children (a boy, a girl and a new baby), often shot when they're sick or hurt or naked. Like Mann, the Japanese photographer used her children as subjects. courtesy Rinko Kawauchi
Kawauchi's edition includes six 8-by-10-inch prints contained in a custom-made wooden box. The photos and the book are wrapped together in a custom-made Japanese cloth. courtesy Rinko Kawauchi
Rinko Kawauchi, untitled, 2012. courtesy Rinko Kawauchi
Doug Rickard chose to respond to Stephen Shore's Uncommon Places for his 2012 postcard book, which includes "South of the Border, Highway 301 & 501, Dillon, South Carolina, August 7, 1968." Courtesy Doug Rickard/Yossi Milo Gallery/Stephen Wirtz Gallery/Aperture Remix
Rickard created a new book of images in 2012 sourced from postcards including "El Capitan Lodge, Hawthorne, Nevada, October 9, 1971." Courtesy Doug Rickard/Yossi Milo Gallery/Stephen Wirtz Gallery/Aperture Remix
"Mallard Cove Resort, Lake Sutherland, Port Angeles, Washington, August 27, 1973," 2012. Courtesy Doug Rickard/Yossi Milo Gallery/Stephen Wirtz Gallery/Aperture Remix