Celebs tweet way through storm

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Ricky Gervais: Is this "Sandy" a Kardashian?

Katharine MacPhee: It sounds like my windows are gonna blow in

LeAnn Rimes: Sending prayers out to everyone in the storm's path

Spike Lee: Mother Nature don't play and this isn't a joke

CNN  — 

Superstorm Sandy caught the attention of plenty of U.S. celebrities, some of whom were caught in the middle of it. Here’s a sampling:

@tylerperry: Hurricane Sandy passing through the Bahamas. Thank God that all storms pass!

@rickygervais: This “Sandy” who’s on TV all the time and is blowing the entire east coast, I assume she’s a Kardashian right?

@MarthaStewart: the dogs do not want to go outside -the cats have not moved from their beds all day-the horses,donkeys,chickens are all inside-are you?

@RealMichelleT (Michelle Trachtenberg): You know NYC is under hurricane crisis when there’s not a single cab on the road. #Frankenstorm

@MelissaJoanHart: Moving the family to the basement. Too many giant trees falling. Stay safe everyone. God Bless

@sethmeyers21: Every time I go outside to see how bad #Sandy is I see someone confidently walking a tiny dog.

@RuPaul: Upon arriving in NYC, #Sandy has requested that we now refer to her as Saundra

@chrissyteigen: the worst of the storm is about to come, nyc. if only you had listened to lindsay lohan and emitted only positive energy. next time.

@joshgroban: Sending my thoughts to all in the path of #sandy…looks pretty bad.

@katharinemcphee: “@AngeliqueMabida: @katharinemcphee why are you scared?” Because it sounds like my windows are gonna blow in. #HurricaneSandy

@Bethenny (Bethenny Frankel): Wow. The Hudson River is now on the streets of TriBeCa.

@ryanlochte: Due to Hurricane #Sandy the @90210 episode is postponed until November 5th. Hope everyone is safe up north!

@DebraMessing: And red wine… All I need are s’mores and a book and I’m set for #sandy

@katiecouric: This crane collapse is scary on West 57th! #sandy

@joshduhamel: Praying #Sandy doesn’t do too much damage & everyone stays safe.

@ChelseaClinton: Grateful my Mom is away from #Sandy and in Algeria working toward peace in #Mali.

@Fergie: Hello #Sandy. Please be nice.

@JaredLeto: To everyone in the path of #sandy , please be safe.

‏@itsgabrielleu (Gabrielle Union): To all in #Sandy ‘s path…pls be safe, stay out of harms way & make sure to check on friends, fam, neighbors. Better to be SAFE than sorry!

@Jon_Favreau: Stay safe, East coast. #sandy

@RobLowe: Flying home from east coast and #Sandy . Wish I could bring all in harms way with me. #StaySafe

@llcoolj: My prayers have been offered for all those affected by hurricane Sandy. Stay safe.

@leannrimes: Sending prayers out to everyone in the eye of Hurricane Sandy.

@mindykaling: 9 months from now hopefully we will have some cool Hurricane Sandy babies!

@aaronpaul_8: Sending everyone lots of love who are in the path of hurricane Sandy. May she disappear as soon as possible.

@SpikeLee: WAKE UP.People Please Be Safe From The Wrath Of Hurricane Sandy.Mother Nature Don’t Play And This Isn’t A Joke.Serious Business.SEEK SHELTER

‏@VWOfficial (Vanessa Williams): Still have power in NY, thank God! Hurricane Sandy gave me 2 days off from @666ParkAve_ABC . Cooking short ribs recipe on learned on @thechew

@Joan_Rivers: Thinking of everyone in NY and on the east coast. Stay safe! I’m stuck in LA and unable to appear live on @QVC . This truly NEVER happens…

‏@snooki: Ahhhhh our power went out!