Photos: Hawaii's homeless candidate

Published 10:48 AM ET, Mon October 29, 2012
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Kawika Crowley is the Republican candidate for one of Hawaii's seats in the U.S. House. He lives out of this van. Edythe McNamee
Crowley's van serves as his home and campaign headquarters. He fell into homelessness because of the recession, he said. He works as a handyman. Edythe McNamee
The driver's and passenger's seats are his campaign's "communication center." He keeps a copy of the U.S. Constitution on his dash. Edythe McNamee
Crowley is a Republican in a state dominated by Democrats. Some consider hiim a joke candidate. Others say he could revive interest. Edythe McNamee
Crowley's van is plastered with quotes about his political beliefs, many of which are on the fringe in Hawaii. Edythe McNamee
Crowley got into politics aiming to partially repeal a ban on smoking in bars in Hawaii. Tobacco built this country, he said. Edythe McNamee
Crowley prepares note cards for speeches and interviews. A debate with his Democratic opponent, who leads overwhelmingly in the polls, never happened. Edythe McNamee
Crowley's main method of campaigning: standing by his van on the highway and giving the thumbs-up sign to passing cars. Edythe McNamee