Halloween costumes inspired by the Internet

Updated 4:51 PM ET, Tue October 30, 2012
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Sarah Elizabeth Ruff photographed her two friends dressed as Internet memes. On the left is the Most Interesting Man in the World meme, which was inspired by a Dos Equis beer commerical. On the right is a zombie version of PSY, the Korean singer from the viral music video Gangam Style. Sarah Elizabeth Ruff
Scott Lynch attended the fourth annual HallowMEME costume party in Brooklyn, New York. He shot this picture of a man carrying a binder full of women. The phrase "binders full of women" went viral after Gov. Mitt Romney mentioned it during one of the presidential debates. Courtesy Scott Lynch
Rachel Cabrera of Chicago, Illinois, decided to dress as "McKayla Maroney is not impressed." "Since the Olympics were this year and the Women's U.S. Gymnastics team did so well, I considered being a member of the Fierce Five," she said. "I really loved the idea of being McKayla over any other gymnast because I could easily play the part. The 'McKayla is not impressed' meme was my favorite way to approach being McKayla." Courtesy Rachel Cabrera
The two women above are both dressed as Internet memes. The girl on the right is dressed as the Internet meme Dogshaming, which is a blog that posts images of dogs next to written signs of transgressions. The girl on the left is dressed as the Ermahgerd girl. Courtesy Sarah Elizabeth Ruff
Alice Feigel, dressed as Frida Kahlo on the left, is standing next to Internet meme Botched Ecce Homo Painting. The meme when viral online after the failed restoration of a century-old fresco of Jesus Christ. Courtesy Alice Feigel
The man on the right is sporting the Double Rainbow meme at the HallowMEME costume party. The Double Rainbow became an Internet sensation after the video "Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10" went viral online. Courtesy Scott Lynch
Also spotted at New York's HallowMEME costume party, this man dressed as the Stingray Photobomb. This meme became popular after a stingray popped into a photo of three young women in the Cayman Islands. Courtesy Scott Lynch
The man above is dressed as the Internet meme Duck Face. This phenomenon went viral over the Internet after teenage girls posted photographs of themselves pressing their lips together to form what looks like a duck's bill. Courtesy Scott Lynch