Violence forces tens of thousand to flee in Myanmar

Updated 3:07 AM ET, Mon October 29, 2012
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Those forced to flee the violence, which has mainly affected the Muslim Rohingya minority, are living in makeshift camps. AFP/Getty Images
A Muslim Rohingya family sits outside a tent on Sunday. The U.N. says the displaced are in urgent need of assistance. AFP/Getty Images
A Muslim Rohingya man sits at the site of his burnt-out home at a village in Minpyar in Rakhine state on Sunday.The U.N. said it seen "large-scale" destruction of houses. AFP/Getty Images
This mosque was among the estimated 4,600 buildings that were destroyed during the violence. Getty Images
A victim of the violence receives hospital treatment. The U.N. said the violence, fear and mistruct were contrary to the country's fledgling democratic transition. Getty Images
A baby sleeps at a refugee camp in Mrauk U in Myanmar on Sunday. The U.N. is already assisting 75,000 people forced to flee earlier this year when violence first erupted in western Myanmar. AFP/Getty Images
Khin Khin Thant, a mother-of-four displaced by the violence receives donated clothes in a camp in Sittwe, Myanmar. She and thousands like her are in need of life-saving asssistance, the U.N. says. Getty Images