01:38 - Source: KREM
Football coach bans players from Twitter

(CNN) Like many sports fans, Maggie Stephens uses social media to stay informed about her favorite teams.

But she won’t be following Washington State University football players on Twitter anymore.  That’s because the team’s head coach has imposed a ban on Twitter for his players.

Coach Mike Leach issued the ban after some players allegedly posted vulgar tweets.  Some were reportedly derogatory toward women and African-Americans.

Violators can be suspended.

WSU Athletic Director Bill Moos supports the decision.  “We are at a point now where we need 100% focus.  We don’t need distractions,” Moos told CNN affiliate KREM.

Moos says that the university holds its players to a higher standard, and some students agree with that view.

Stephens is one of them.  “If they are making vulgar tweets, I think it’s a good idea to ban it,” she said.

But not everyone agrees with the ban.  WSU senior Nikhil Malhan said, “I think if the coach wanted to take action, they could tell them the consequences of posting things like that on Twitter, not take away the whole right of using Twitter.”

What do you think?  Should colleges ban student athletes from using social media if their tweets or posts are deemed ‘out of bounds’?  Leave your comments in the section below.