Popular blogging site Tumblr was down for many users Friday, experiencing "slow loading or intermittent errors."
PHOTO: Tumblr
Popular blogging site Tumblr was down for many users Friday, experiencing "slow loading or intermittent errors."

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NEW: Tumblr back up after six-hour outage

The popular blogging platform reported "intermittent errors" earlier in the day

Tumblr hosts more than 78 million blogs

Site blamed an uplink provider

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After a roughly six-hour outage, popular blogging platform Tumblr was back up Friday afternoon, bringing sweet relief to hipster bloggers, budding photographers and oversharers everywhere.

On its Twitter feed, Tumblr announced that the long, painful wait for its devoted users was over at about 2:15 p.m. ET.

“Tumblr is back online - a full postmortem regarding today’s service interruption will follow,” the post read.

The outage started in earnest shortly before 8:30 a.m. Friday, according to Web tool Down Right Now. Its report was based on official announcements and feeds, plus user reports on Twitter and directly to its creators.

Tumblr had earlier acknowledged problems.

“We’re experiencing slow loading or intermittent errors on certain pages and are working quickly to restore performance,” read the post, from 7:34 a.m. ET.

And shortly before 10 a.m. ET, they updated: “Tumblr is experiencing network problems following an issue with one of our uplink providers. We will return to full service shortly.”

The wailing of the bloggerati was immediate and severe.

“Yeah. It’s killing me. Oh my gosh. Please fix it faster,” one Twitter user wrote.

“RUDE. I was working!” typed another.

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Others were more analytical.

“First Pinterest, now Tumblr is down,” wrote user Greg Grigoriou, referring to an Amazon server outage that knocked out Pinterest, Reddit and other popular sites earlier this week. “Facebook and Twitter shake their heads at their bumbling redheaded stepchildren.”

However, a handful of users were apparently able to post links to Tumblr Friday without noting any problems.

Launched in 2007, the blogging and social site now hosts more than 78 million blogs. Alexa ranks Tumblr as the 36th most popular website in the world and 19th most-visited in the United States. It is particularly popular among younger Web users.