There are options for people who may have bought a 3rd-generation iPad but want to to sell and update to Apple's updated model.
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There are options for people who may have bought a 3rd-generation iPad but want to to sell and update to Apple's updated model.

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Some who bought the 6-month-old, 3rd generation iPad may look to upgrade to newest model

The company surprised many by adding a refreshed, full-size iPad to the iPad Mini this week

Multiple sites, like Gazelle, make it easy to sell your device

Ebay Instant is, of course an option

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Sure, your third-generation iPad is great and all, but after Tuesday’s announcement of Apple’s iPad Mini and iPad 4, perhaps you wish you could trade-up. Or maybe you feel like you don’t have a choice if you want it to retain any value.

Well, you’re in luck if you want to trade it in.

Ebay is not the only option anymore — there are an increasing number of sites that let you sell your “old” device and put that cash toward a new one.

A lot of these sites work the same way: Enter the information about your device, including its condition and original packaging. The site gives you an estimate of how much your gadget is worth, and if you accept, they send you a pre-paid shipping label (sometimes a box, too). The main differences between the various sites are how much the prices vary. Some of these sites also ask for more details than others, which can benefit you if you have a flawless device.


You might know of Gazelle from its television commercials.

The company experienced a deluge of customers this past February who were trying to sell their iPad 2s after Apple’s announcement of a mysterious event on March 7 (which turned out to be the unveiling of the third generation iPad).

For the third generation 32GB New iPad with AT&T and Wi-Fi, the site offers $260 if it’s in good condition (visible signs of use), $300 for flawless condition (looks like it’s never been used), and $90 if it’s broken (does not turn on or has serious damage).


With this site, you type in the device you have and then select any damages, including: damaged or defective screen, bad battery, or does not power on. For the Apple New iPad Wi-Fi 32GB AT&T, the site would pay $294 — so long as the device powers on. And don’t count your device out if it’s damaged — for a Apple New iPad Wi-Fi 64GB with a damaged or defective screen you can still get $172.


This site offers $507 for the 32GB New iPad with AT&T and Wi-Fi with only a few scratches and in good working condition, in the color white with no engraving, and if you include the power cord. What’s useful about Glyde is it gives you more options to tell them about the amazing (or maybe not so amazing) condition you’ve kept your device in, which can earn you more cash.

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NextWorth is offering $465 for 64GB iPad 4G with Verizon and $480 for AT&T.

eBay Instant Sale

In addition to traditional auction-style eBay, with eBay Instant Sale you can get the Apple iPad 3 Wi-Fi 16GB ($286).

Word of advice: Before you sending your device away, be sure to wipe all your information from it. Then you’ll want to restore it to its original factory settings to ensure everything is deleted. For more details, visit Apple’s tutorials for iOS and OS X.

Are you planning on selling your iPad to buy a new one? Which site will you use? Tell us in the comments.