DIY fixes made possible by Sugru

Updated 12:58 PM ET, Thu October 25, 2012
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Sugru is a silicone material that can be hand-molded to repair or enhance a variety of domestic products. CNN
The putty-like substance lets users innovate and create solutions for their own problems, like this iPhone protector. sugru
Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh is the Irish-born inventor of Sugru. "It has been a long journey ... the technology has been difficult to invent," she says. Today, the company has annual sales of over $2 million with customers in over 100 countries around the world. CNN
Sugru is waterproof and can provide fixes to little problems like a broken sink chain or leaky plugs. "My sink plug was just slightly too small, so I just made a little ring to make that work," says Ni Dhulchaointigh of one of the first working applications she found for Sugru. sugru
Sugru users are frequently finding new uses for the product and sending their ideas back to the company. Here, a cracked mug is held together by Sugru. sugru
"We think that Sugru can be something as big or bigger than duct tape, superglue or anything else that you use to repair," says Ni Dhulchaointigh. sugru
A sugru doorstop molded into the shape of a tweeting bird. Ni Dhulchaointigh says she sees her product as the ultimate tool in the battle against wastefulness. sugru
The self-setting rubber has stylistic as well as practical purposes. It can be used to repair buttons and zips on clothes as well as fashion bespoke jewellery. sugru