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After a poor harvest in Morocco, the cost of grain has increased while predictions for economic growth have lowered

Story highlights

  • MME assesses how the drought in Morocco will affect the country's economic outlook
  • Fouad Douiri, Morocco's Minister of Energy and Environment, discusses the impact on the country's farmers
  • Morocco's King Mohammed tours the Gulf promoting business relations and seeking investment
IN FOCUS: Agricultural Adversity
As Morocco's King tours the Gulf looking to spur business opportunities, one sector of the economy is struggling. According to the IMF economic growth in Morocco will drop to nearly 3% this year due to a lack of rainfall. The drought this year is having a big impact on the agricultural sector and causing concern for many of the country's farmers, as MME found out.
FACETIME: Fouad Douiri, Moroccan Minister of Energy, Mines, Environment and Water
Recent rains in Morocco over the past month could now change the situation for many farmers and even impact the North African country's growth outlook. This week MME speaks to the country's Minister of Energy and Environment Fouad Douiri and asked him about Morocco's economic outlook.