Halloween crafts from household items

Updated 12:28 PM ET, Wed October 24, 2012
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Paper-towel tubes and buttons have never been so terrifying.
Spin yarn into the perfect spot for spooky spiders.
This spider is all about Halloween treats, and a great way to use up extra tissue paper.
Milk or juice cartons can be the start of a crafty ghost story.
Baby food jars transformed into bats are more cute than scary.
At the end of their lives as food containers, cans can turn into ghastly mummies.
Trick-or-Treaters can reap the rewards of your living room makeover with the perfect candy recepticle.
This gourdy garland offers fine motor skill practice with folding, bending and stringing.
Witch hats are the perfect candy delivery system.
A spooky glow turns canning jars into shriek-inducing lanterns.