Like a Roc

Published 2:12 PM ET, Wed October 24, 2012
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Marcus Dickinson, right, has dropped 45 pounds and toned up to become more like his online persona, Roc Wieler from "EVE Online." Courtesy Eve Online/Marcus Dickinson
Before his weight loss transformation, the 6-foot tall Dickinson weighed 230 pounds and was 33% body fat. Courtesy Marcus Dickinson
Dickinson married his wife, Farah Iqbal, in 2009. "(At the time) I thought I didn't look too bad," he says. "I have a hot wife so I must be doing OK." Courtesy Marcus Dickinson
Iqbal says she keeps Dickinson from crossing the line into becoming totally like Roc. "I like men that are balanced," she says. "I like them to have a feminine side and a masculine side." Courtesy Marcus Dickinson
Roc is a "bad-ass, no-nonsense, military character," Dickinson says. "He's better than me in so many ways." Courtesy Eve Online
Dickinson writes as Roc daily on his blog, Roc's Ramblings. He also creates music albums, 3-D artwork and sells Roc-branded paraphernalia. Courtesy Eve Online
Dickinson now weighs 185 pounds and is 14% body fat. Courtesy Marcus Dickinson
He can squat 345 pounds, dead lift 450 pounds and leg press 900 pounds. Courtesy Marcus Dickinson
Dickinson always strives to follow what he calls Roc's Rules. One of them: "Why settle for the good life when you deserve the best life?" Courtesy Marcus Dickinson