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This is the new iPad Mini

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Apple announces new 7.9-inch tablet

The iPad Mini is 7.2 millimeters wide, says Apple's Phil Schiller

Readers share comments about device, and some are skeptical

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You’ve probably heard the story of Goldilocks and the three tech-savvy bears. Goldi is wandering through the forest when she comes to a house and enters, unannounced, in search of a mobile device to pass the time.

Lo and behold, the bears have left their machines out. Perhaps Goldilocks will say the iPhone is too small, but the iPad is too big. Apple is hoping Goldilocks and the baby bear will be fighting over the new iPad Mini, a 7.9-inch tablet that is roughly the width of a pencil.

As we slurped up leftover porridge and read through the comments, we found that while some readers are excited about having a device sized for their needs, plenty are wondering exactly what motivated the creation of this product. Was it a reactionary attempt to compete with other devices like the Amazon Kindle reader, or a move to capture an untapped market? We decided to share some of the categories of responses that came in.


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