Readers respond: 5 things you learned from the final debate

Updated 4:31 PM EDT, Tue October 23, 2012

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Debate watchers posted thousands of comments after the final presidential debate

Some posted their own lists after reading CNN's '5 things we learned' in Monday's debate

Watch the debate again and add what you learned to the list

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Monday’s debate didn’t end when the cameras shut off.

The thousands of readers on continued the conversation well into the evening after President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney met in their final face-to-face matchup of the presidential campaign.

Readers posted more than 4,500 comments on’s 5 things we learned in the debate and many were inspired to make lists of their own.

As you can imagine, the comments split along partisan lines, but some commenters said they heard enough to know they don’t want either man to be president.

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We want to hear more. What did you learn from Monday’s debate? You can add to the list in the comments below or Tweet what you learned using #5things.

Meanwhile, here is what readers said they learned:

From Obama supporters:

5 things I have learned from this debate about Foreign Policy from Romney
1. Mitt Romney has no clue where Iran really is
2. Romney would agree with the president’s current foreign policy, then attack him on the same foreign policies that he just agreed with, then present his own foreign policy, that amazingly is exactly the same as the president’s.
3. I thought Mitt was originally against a timetable to leave Afghanistan in 2014, calling it foolish and harmful, but now he seems to be all for it.
4. Mitt is as detailed about foreign policy as he is on loopholes.
5. On Syria, Romney has cried that we are not doing enough. The president said that we are doing everything we can that is short of direct military intervention. And Mitt said again it was the wrong course to take. So one can only assume that according to Mitt the only other course would be a hot conflict. Where would we get the money to pay for this conflict, if you refuse to raise taxes?

Debate coach: Romney walked into ‘bayonets’ line

5 things I learned from this debate:
1. Obama is the better choice
2. Romney is a liar and can’t be trusted
3. Romney does not handle pressure very well
4. Romney has no plans
5. The GOP nominated the worst candidate in history.

5 things I learned from this debate:
1. Romney gave long answers but ended up agreeing with President Obama on most points. He shook his Etch-A-Sketch once again.
2. Romney played it too safe and in so doing did not look as knowledgeable about his changing positions.
3. President Obama talked the talk and walked the walk last night. He looked, talked and acted presidential and I did not notice he was not white.
4. That when Romney is snarky and aggressive, the Repubs loved it and said it made him presidential, but when President Obama pushes back it makes him look snarky, aggressive and un-presidential!
5. Romney does sweat!

Campaign enters final stretch as Obama takes final debate

Mitt Romney’s 5-Point Plan:
1. To the left
2. Take it back now y’all
3. One hop this time
4. Right foot let’s stomp
5. Cha-Cha real smooth

Editor’s note: It’s not every day that DJ Casper’s “The Cha-Cha Slide” is cited as a critique of a presidential candidate’s positions.

From Romney supporters:

Jack Briss
5 things I learned from this debate:
1. Obama proved he is rude and ignorant interrupting Romney
2. He failed for 4 straight years.
3. Obama proved change is needed.
4. He tried blaming Romney for his own failures which Romney could NOT possibly do.
5. Obama spoke for 1 hour, 30 minutes without saying a word.

CNN Poll: Nearly half of debate watchers say Obama won showdown

5 things I learned from this debate:
1. Romney looks more presidential
2. Romney acts more presidential
3. Romney talks more presidential.
4. Romney’s plans are more presidential
5. Obama has none of the above.

Presidential debate’s global reaction: Disappointment

5 things we learned from this debate:
1. Barack Obama has added $5 trillion – That’s 5 TRILLION – in deficit spending in just 3 years!
2. UNEMPLOYMENT remains near 8% … and Obama has had 4 years to fix it … He hasn’t!
3. This president hasn’t even passed a budget in over 3 YEARS … WHY???
4. GITMO, the Patriot Act, and the war in Afghanistan … and CODE PINK is extinct!
5. Syria is a mess, Egypt is a mess, Iran is on the verge of NUKES …and in Benghazi, Libya, this administration played politics and attempted to COVER UP to avoid political damage!!

5 things I learned from this debate:
1. Obama seemed cocky interrupting
2. Obama spent more time trying to tell us what Romney believes than telling us what he believes
3. Romney was presidential
4. Obama played small ball
5. November will be a landslide for Romney

From wildcards/Third party supporters:

5 things I learned from this debate:
1. Obama sucks
2. Romney sucks
3. We are all screwed
4. Dems/Reps think they should run the world
5. I’m voting for Gary Johnson

Opinion: Obama in command; Romney plays it safe

Justin Forgot-it
5 things I learned from this debate:
1. Neither deserve to run the country. Inept? Plenty of that to go around
2. Obamacare Meet Romneycare… Difference?
3. Romney: Let’s give all my rich buddies huge tax breaks - Obama: Let’s spend their money
4. Obama: Bush is my mentor (I have followed his idiocy to the “T”) - Romney: My dad was an immigrant on welfare, but he isn’t my mentor. I’m rich. Let me forget my roots
5. Obama: I’m in over my head - Romney: I’ll make grand promises without any idea how to implement