The September 11 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans is certain to be a hot topic of discussion at tonight’s foreign policy-based presidential debate.

A new Wall Street Journal report raises questions about the quality of intelligence following the attack. According to the story, “President Barack Obama was told in his daily intelligence briefing for more than a week after the consulate siege in Benghazi that the assault grew out of a spontaneous protest, despite conflicting reports from witnesses and other sources that began to cast doubt on the accuracy of that assessment almost from the start.”

Rep. Chris Van Hollen discusses the presidential race and responds to the Journal’s Libya report on Starting Point today.

“What this clearly shows is that the President and Susan Rice were presenting the American people with the facts as they were provided to them by the intelligence agencies, which really makes Romney and his team look pretty small with how he tried to exploit this whole thing for political purposes drumming up conspiracy theories,” Rep. Van Hollen says. “From the beginning, the way that Romney has tried to exploit this for political purposes is a real violation of the traditions we have in this country when we come together at these moments of tragedy.”