03:13 - Source: CNN
Does satire hurt or help candidates?

From ‘malarkey’ to Big Bird to ‘binders full of women,’ there’s certainly no shortage of material for comedians coming from the Romney and Obama campaigns. But can political satire help or hurt candidates in election?

This morning on “Starting Point,” comedian D.L. Hughley talks with Soledad and the team about how political comedy and gaffes could sway voters.

Hughley says “the stakes changed” this political season after a particularly difficult first debate for President Obama.

“I think [comedians are] less apologetic,” Hughley says. “And to some extent honest…I don’t have a bunch of sycophants who I’m trying to sway one way or another.”

Hughley adds that sometimes the political rhetoric is just so unbelievable that it’s hard not to point out the hilarity in a situation. “It already writes itself. Literally. You can’t script the things that they say that you’re going to find ironic or funny. I think truth is absolutely more funny than fiction,” Hughley says.

Watch more from the interview in the clip above.