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Michael Lohan's Lindsay intervention

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"She needs to go back in and pick up where she left off," Michael Lohan says

"I am pleading with Lindsay to go ahead and take care of this herself," her dad says

Michael Lohan attempted an unsuccessful intervention at his daughter's home on Friday

"Lindsay's team is in no way aligned with him or his actions," her spokesman says

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Lindsay Lohan’s father pleaded with the actress to return to drug rehab; otherwise, he may ask a judge to place her under a conservatorship.

“I truly believe, as her team has told me, that she needs to go back in and pick up where she left off to resolve the issues she didn’t resolve when she was in the last time,” Michael Lohan told CNN Monday.

Lindsay Lohan never completed the family therapy mandated during her three-month stay at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, for substance abuse rehab two years ago, Michael Lohan said.

Lohan attempted to stage an intervention at his daughter’s Los Angeles home on Friday, he said, but was rebuffed when someone called the police.

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He insisted Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers, manager and publicist backed the intervention plan because of their concerns about her recent drug and alcohol use, but they were distancing themselves from it Monday.

“It’s apparent Michael continues to be very focused on getting publicity for himself,” Lindsay Lohan publicist Steve Honig told CNN. “Lindsay’s team is in no way aligned with him or his actions.”

Michael Lohan called Honig “a pathetic liar” for his denial, saying he “was on board, but now he is bailing because he cares more about his job than her.”

Text and e-mails prove “her entire team was behind me in this, from the very beginning,” he said. “They said they had the same concerns as me, and they were concerned about Lindsay’s welfare.”

Michael Lohan blames his ex-wife for much of his daughter’s current troubles, accusing her of using their children “to distance me and stay close to the goose that laid her gold egg.”

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“I don’t think anyone in my family, whether it be me, Dina or my son, Michael, should have anything to do with her career or her finances, or use her in anyway for financial gain,” he said.

CNN efforts to reach Dina Lohan for comment were unsuccessful.

Michael Lohan said he would talk with a lawyer this week about possibly filing for a conservatorship for his daughter.

“I am pleading with Lindsay to go ahead and take care of this herself,” he said.

He father last considered filing for a conservatorship in September 2010 days after his daughter checked into the Betty Ford Center.

Lindsay Lohan’s career, stunted for five years by frequent trips to court, jail, rehab and home confinement, got back on track this year when her supervised probation was lifted for two drunken driving convictions. She remained on unsupervised probation for a shoplifting conviction.

She will star in a Lifetime movie about the romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton that premieres next month.