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Change the List is a new project from CNN Opinion

The effort is led by CNN's John D. Sutter

We aim to bring change to places that need it most

Our first project: Voter turnout in the United States

Editor’s note: Change the List aims to bring attention to places that need it most. Follow the project on Tumblr.

(CNN) —  

Hawaii has the lowest voter turnout rate in the country. As part of a new CNN project called Change the List, I’m trying to create a conversation that could change that.

But I’ll need your help to make it work.

Here’s what you can do: In the gallery at the top of this story you’ll find information about six nonvoters in Hawaii. They have some interesting reasons for not voting. One is a high school student who has specific political interests but says he feels too young and uninformed to participate in something as serious as voting.

Hawaii: The state that doesn’t vote

Another doesn’t want Hawaii to be part of the United States, so she doesn’t participate on principle, even though she could try to vote in leaders that would push against statehood. Another was driving to the polls during a recent election and turned back because she heard the winner of the presidential race announced on her car radio. Hawaii is six hours behind Eastern Time.

When you find someone you like, send them a message on Twitter, YouTube, iReport, Instagram, Facebook – wherever, as long as the post is public. Just be sure to include the hashtag you see on their images – #CTL1 through #CTL6. CTL means “Change the List.” You also can send video messages to the nonvoters in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Again, please tag them #CTL1, #CTL2, etc.

I’m collecting the messages and will relay them to the nonvoters.

You can see the responses other people have sent on these pages:

Messages to Paul

Messages to Michael

Messages to Nani

Messages to Skyler

Messages to Nanci

Messages to Tyler

Before I go, a half-desparate appeal to civility: These people kindly and bravely agreed to be part of this experiment. Please treat them with respect. Give a piece of your story: Why do you vote? Or why is it important to you that everyone takes part in our democracy? Personal attacks will not be featured on the site.

OK, that hall-monitor moment is over. Sorry. Had to be said.

After the election, I’ll report back on which, if any, of these nonvoters changes their minds. Subscribe to the Change the List Tumblr for updates. And thanks for your help!