Boy Scouts by the numbers

Updated 2:41 PM ET, Sun March 22, 2015
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Boy Scouts of America is an organization that says it is focused on mentoring young men and helping them develop life skills. Here's a look at BSA by the numbers. (Source: Boy Scouts of America) AFP/Getty Images
105: The number of years since Boy Scouts of America was incorporated. Membership topped 20 million by 1952. Getty Images
2.6 million: The number of youth members as of May 2014. BSA also boasts more than 1 million adult volunteers. Getty Images
437,160: The number of youth members in units chartered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the most of any faith-based organization. As of 2013, the United Methodist Church had the second-strongest membership, followed by the Catholic Church. Getty Images
181: The number of NASA astronauts that participated in Scouting. Neil Armstrong was an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the program. NASA
191: Number of lawmakers in the 113th Congress that participated in Boy Scouts. Eighteen governors were Scouts or Scout volunteers as of April 2013. AFP/Getty Images
19: The number of presidents that have served as honorary president of Boy Scouts of America. (That's every president since BSA was founded.) AFP/Getty Images
161: The number of countries with Boy Scout organizations, as of 2010. Getty Images