Amazing shots captured with GoPro wearable cameras

Updated 9:27 AM ET, Mon October 22, 2012
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Fisherman Mark Peters captured this video of dolphins using a GoPro camera and a custom torpedo-shaped housing he built. Mark Peters
Skydiver Felix Baumgartner took a shot during his recent jump from the stratosphere.
Tandem skydivers jumping out of a plane, each wearing mounted GoPro cameras, are captured by another jumper.
Surfer Anthony Walsh captured this shot while riding a wave.
Freddy Booth filmed this dive in Hawaii. The GoPro housing is waterproof up to 197 feet deep.
Hang glider David Filho cruising over Rio de Janeiro.
Ivo Zagorchinov captured this still shot of freedive training in Bulgaria.
Andy Casagrande used GoPro cameras hidden in fake bait to capture footage of sharks.
Brian Brenner, with his dog, mounted a camera on the front of his watercraft.
An avalanche cliff jump filmed by Matthias Giraud.
Ruben Frugatta takes acrobatic flight.
The newest GoPro camera is 30% smaller and 25% lighter than the previous version. It comes with a waterproof housing.