Photos: Lebanon on edge after officer's death

Updated 9:23 AM ET, Mon October 22, 2012
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Smoke billows in Tripoli's Bab al-Tabanneh neighborhood during clashes between Alawites, an offshoot of Shiite Islam, and anti-government supporters on Monday, October 22. Fighting continued in Tripoli and Beirut, where a top police official was killed in a car bombing. At least two people were killed in Tripoli and several wounded in Beirut. AFP/Getty Images
The coffin of intelligence chief Gen. Wissam al-Hassan arrives in downtown Beirut during his funeral procession on Sunday, October 21. Hassan, a prominent Lebanese figure opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, died when a powerful bomb exploded in an upmarket Beirut suburb on October 19, sparking calls for Prime Minister Najib Mikati and his government to quit. AFP/Getty Images
An anti-government protester waves a pre-Baath Syrian flag at a demonstration outside the govermental palace in Beirut, Lebanon, after a funeral for al-Hassan and his bodyguard on Sunday. The two men and one other person were killed in a car bombing on Friday. AFP/Getty Images
Demonstrators face off with Lebanese security forces on Sunday as they try to storm the palace. AFP/Getty Images
Protesters climb a statue Sunday during the funeral of al-Hassan. AFP/Getty Images
A demonstrator runs for cover from tear gas fired by Lebanese police on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
Anti-government protesters demonstrate outside the government palace on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
Protesters react to tear gas being fired at them by Lebanese police officers on Sunday. Reuters/Landov
Protesters hurled sticks, stones and flags on Sunday. A number of injuries were reported, Lebanon's National News Agency said. AFP/Getty Images
Officers and mourners gather around al-Hassan's coffin during his funeral on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
The mother and wife of the slain intelligence officer mourn Sunday. Reuters/Landov
Lebanese officers of the Internal Security Forces carry the intelligence chief's coffin on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
Sunday's anti-government protests came after a series of political speeches given to the crowd gathered in Beirut's central square. AFP/Getty Images
A Lebanese man holding the national flag watches the funeral procession on Sunday. AFP/Getty Images
A woman with a cross and a rosary prays at a poster with an image of al-Hassan, during a protest Saturday, October 20, against his killing. AFP/Getty Images
People set up tents and gather outside the headquarters of the Prime Minister of Lebanonon on Saturday night. AFP/Getty Images
A damaged building is pictured in Beirut's predominantly Christian district of Ashrafiyeh on Saturday. AFP/Getty Images
Smoke rises from burning tyres blocking the main northern entrance of Beirut on Saturday. Protesters blocked some roads in Beirut, Tripoli in the north, Sidon in the south, and the Bekaa Valley in the east. AFP/Getty Images
Lebanese security forces inspect damage in Ashrafiyeh on Saturday. AFP/Getty Images
A damaged building stands Saturday with windows knocked out and belongings from within strewn about. AFP/Getty Images
A worker on Saturday sweeps shattered glass outside damaged shops. AFP/Getty Images
Lebanese men block a road leading to the airport in Beirut to protest against the assassination of top intelligence official Wissam al-Hassan in a blast on Friday, October 19. AFP/Getty Images
Lebanese light candles during a vigil near the site of the car bomb attack on Saturday. AFP/Getty Images
Lebanese people take part in a candlelight vigil near the site of the car bomb blast. AFP/Getty Images
A Lebanese firefighter douses cars at the site of an explosion in Beirut's Christian neighbourhood of Ashrafieh. AFP/Getty Images
Lebanese firefighters douse burning vehicles. AFP/Getty Images
A car burns after an explosion in Beirut's predominantly Christian district of Ashrafiyeh. Reuters/Landov
Lebanese Red Cross aid workers help a wounded man. Dozens were injured, some seriously, and others were slightly hurt, a senior hospital official said. AFP/Getty Images
Lebanese security forces and rescue workers gather at the site of the explosion. AFP/Getty Images
Lebanese men evacuate a wounded woman from the scene of the car bomb. AFP/Getty Images
Lebanese police stand by a crater as they secure the site. Reuters/Landov
Civil defense members help a wounded man in the immediate aftermath. Reuters/Landov
A wounded woman is carried from the area. The attack did not target any political figure, the Lebanese National News Agency says. Reuters/Landov
A civil defense member helps a wounded man. Reuters/Landov
A wounded woman gets assistance. Reuters/Landov
A woman is helped by a Lebanese soldier after the explosion. Reuters/Landov