Around the world in 100 foods

Published 5:08 AM ET, Fri October 19, 2012
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Elyse Pasquale bites down on a scorpion skewer in Beijing, China. The American journalist and food blogger is on a culinary adventure to sample 100 different dishes in 100 countries. Elyse Pasquale
On her travels, Pasquale has sampled food as weird and wonderful as reindeer carpaccio, cod fish sperm sacs and fried scorpion (pictured on the far right). Elyse Pasquale
Here she gets to grip with three different types of Tofu at a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. Elyse Pasquale
The Ethiopian speciality dish of kitfo (raw beef). Pasquale says learning about and trying local food can teach travelers a lot about the destinations they visit. Elyse Pasquale
Devouring a Kokorec sandwich, grilled lamb intestines stuffed with sweetbread, on a visit to Istanbul, Turkey. Sometimes street food is the best food, says Pasquale. Elyse Pasquale
An appetizing plate of goose barnacles on display at a restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain. The compact northern Spanish city has a reputation for fine dining, playing host to seven Michelin star restaurants. Elyse Pasquale
Elyse Pasquale poses with fresh strawberries in the shadow of the Poas Volcano, Costa Rica. "Food is an entirely sensory experience. You can touch it, you can smell it, you can taste it. What better way is there to learn about a place you've never been before," she asks. Elyse Pasquale