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A mudslide in Peru's jungle kills 11, mostly children

Heavy rains triggered the disaster

A flooded river is hindering rescue efforts

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Several children were among the victims when a mudslide sent a mass of tree and rock debris crashing into homes in Peru’s jungle Wednesday, killing at least 11 people.

Ten more people are unaccounted for, according to the country’s state news agency.

Heavy rains set off the natural disaster in the San Martin tropical forest in Peru’s northeast, which destroyed “at least 10 houses and a pedestrian bridge,” Andina news agency reported.

Six of the 11 bodies recovered so far appear to be children. Residents are working with civil defense officials and the military to find victims in the rubble, but the flooding of a local river is hindering their efforts.

Peru’s government is sending humanitarian aid, including tents and sheets, the state news agency reported.

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CNN’s Nelson Quinones contributed to this report