Bobby's recovery

Updated 11:03 AM ET, Fri October 19, 2012
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Bobby Ghassemi was just 17 years old when he was in a horrific car accident. Courtesy Ghassemi Family
Before the accident, Bobby played on his high school's football team. Courtesy Ghassemi Family
After the accident in March 2010, doctors told Bobby's family that he could live out the rest of his life in a vegetative state. Courtesy Ghassemi Family
Ten days after the accident, Bobby was still in a coma. Bobby's father, Peter, talked with Dr. Michael Lewis, who suggested that omega-3 fatty acids might be able to help. Peter insisted that his son be given high doses of fish oil through a feeding tube. Courtesy Ghassemi Family
Two weeks after beginning the regimen, Bobby emerged from his coma. Lewis says fish oil works because omega-3s are the building blocks of the brain. Courtesy Ghassemi Family
Science has not proved that fish oil can help patients with traumatic brain injuries, but Bobby's family ardently believes it helped him. Courtesy Ghassemi Family
Bobby says the omega-3 fatty acids have helped in recovering his motor skills. Courtesy Ghassemi Family
By June 2010, three months after the accident, Bobby attended his high school graduation. His parents helped him cross the stage to receive his diploma. Courtesy Ghassemi family
Bobby still has significant left-side weakness and is relearning how to walk, but his progress has been tremendous, his family says. Courtesy Ghassemi Family