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Gibbs: Romney 'nothing short of wrong'

This morning on “Starting Point,” Soledad interviews Obama Campaign senior advisor Robert Gibbs about the presidential town hall debate.

On the discussion of the U.S. Consulate attack in Benghazi, Gibbs argues that Romney is ‘nothing short on wrong’ in his assumptions

“I’ve watched the Republicans try like Olympic gymnasts to do whatever they needed to do to try to politicize this issue,” Gibbs says. “[Romney] has handled this as poorly as any prospective commander in chief has ever handled a series of national security questions. It demonstrated the real strength of the President last night in answering that question, and in watching 70 million people likely watching Mitt Romney’s facts corrected on air because he was nothing short of wrong. I think it was far and away the President’s strongest answer.”

Gibbs also addresses the discussion of immigration discussion.

“Mitt Romney’s chief immigration advisor is the Secretary of State of Kansas, who wrote the Arizona law. It’s an Arizona law that again, Mitt Romney was enormously proud of during a primary in which he was trying to beat everybody as the strongest, most anti-immigrant candidate out there,” Gibbs says. “This is classic Mitt Romney. He is doing whatever in an election he needs to do to say what he needs to do to whatever audience is in front of him. He’s a deal closer.”

“He’s become a political chameleon,” Gibbs adds. “But make no mistake about it - what he said during the primary, that he’s a severe conservative, that he wants self deportation, that he has no desire to do comprehensive immigration reforms…that’s the true position of Mitt Romney.”

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Gibbs: Romney a 'political chameleon'