Tonight, the presidential candidates face off again. It’s the second of three debates, and the stakes couldn’t be any higher for Mitt Romney and President Obama.

A new CNN poll of polls shows Romney leading Obama by one point, 48% to 47%. If you remember just a month ago it was the President who was leading.

Jen Psaki, the Obama Campaign’s traveling press secretary, addresses questions of whether the U.S. Consulate attack in Libya will be addressed, and how the President is anticipating questions about security for American interests abroad.

“There’s no one who cares more and is more focused on getting to the bottom of what happened in Libya than Secretary Clinton and President Obama,” Psaki says. “They both have been working very hard on that every single day. They’re participating – the administration is participating, cooperating and several investigations, one with Congress, one by the FBI. And they would love to find more information as soon as more information becomes available they’ll provide that to the American people.”

Psaki also addresses President Obama’s preparedness this time around, after he received criticism for his first debate performance.

“He has watched the last debate and, you know, he is his own harshest critic. He is coming into this debate energized. People with expect to see a passionate President Obama delivering the case for why he has a better plan for the middle class. Ultimately this is about who is going to be better for the American people for the next four years. So who has a better education plan, who has a better plan for tax cuts, who has a better plan for health care. He feels good about that. He is not going to hide from his positions unlike his opponent. So, stay tuned for this evening.”