Use a foundation that looks and feels natural on your skin.
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Use a foundation that looks and feels natural on your skin.

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Stuck with bangs you hate? Bobbi Brown suggests some stylish fixes, but patience is key

Brown keeps her teeth bright white through meticulous habits and tiny floss picks

Brown's go-to makeup products: bronze-colored blush, brown eye pencil and clear gloss

Editor’s Note: Beauty and makeup expert Bobbi Brown saves the day with tricks to age-proof your smile, grow out bangs, and make blush stay put.

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Kim Eliza from New York City asks: I let my hairstylist cut my bangs, but now I hate them! What can I do?

Bobbi Brown: It’s one of those things that’s happened to all of us. (I once got a cut that turned me into Marlo Thomas from That Girl—it took weeks to recover.)

Aside from wearing a hat or headband, I’ve found that it helps to style bangs all piece-y (using a tiny dab of styling cream). Once they get longer than your brows, you can pin them to one side with a cute bobby pin.

Another idea to get them off your face: Hold the bangs together up in the air and twist back over your head, then cross two pins over them to secure. Be patient—it could take at least four to six weeks for bangs to (noticeably) grow out. Naturally gorgeous hair makeovers

Min Polley from Sherman Oaks, California, asks: Your teeth look great! How do you keep them that way?

Brown: A bright smile can really make you look young. I had my teeth whitened professionally years ago. But these days, it’s my regular habits that help. I go to the dentist every six months, brush with my fave Tom’s toothpaste, and rinse after drinking anything colorful, like coffee or red wine.

I also carry those tiny floss picks everywhere. Another good portable idea: disposable toothbrushes. A little makeup helps, too—a blue-based pink (think berry or fuchsia) lipstick adds instant sparkle. 20 things that can ruin your smile

Hilary Cavanaugh from Clearwater, Florida, asks: I want to touch up my makeup without carting around a lot of products. Any suggestions?

Brown: When I go minimalist, I find I can add a pretty pop of color to cheeks and lips with a bronze-colored cream blush. I also multitask with a brown eye pencil to fill in brows and touch up gray roots. And a clear gloss or balm adds a nice sheen to lips (or eyes!), nourishes cuticles, and tames flyaways. Simple, right?