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[Updated 3:30 p.m. Monday, October 15] Two horsemen fight over a goatskin last week at the Golden Eagle Festival in western Mongolia.

It was part of a competition called kukhbar, said iReporter konacraig, who took this photo and many others at the festival.

“The objective is for one rider to take the goatskin away from the other rider as they sit on horses,” he said. “There were about 40 riders, and they competed through four rounds with the winner receiving a medal.

“The mood was like a boxing event, with the crowd cheering for their favorite riders and participants. The energy level of the event was intense. The riders were really trying to win and be the best.”

The festival gets its name from the golden eagles that Mongolian Kazakhs have trained for centuries to hunt for them. Competitions are held to see who has the fastest eagle and whose eagle hunts the best.

Congrats to reader “upseek” for being the first to answer Mongolia in our photo challenge, although it’s technically “tug-o-goat,” not “tug-o-wolf”!

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