Growing your own veggies in refugee camps

Published 10:39 AM ET, Mon October 15, 2012
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Hajar Hamdan tends to the plants in her greenhouse in Deheishe refugee camp near Bethlehem, West Bank. Women are mostly taking the lead in the greenhouse project. Karama
The rooftop greenhouse project was launched in April by Karama, an NGO based at the Deheishe refugee camp. Karama
Families were chosen to take part in the project according to their need. They had to have enough sun on their roofs and be keen to try farming their own vegetables. Karama
Most of the greenhouses in Deheishe have thrived, says project manager Luay Abdul Ghafar. Karama
The families grow cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, aubergines and zucchini. During the first season of the project most families managed to grow enough vegetables to feed themselves with some leftovers to share with neighbors. Karama