Fashion on the campaign trail

Published 1:56 PM ET, Mon October 15, 2012
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Mitt Romney opted for a red, diagonally striped tie during the first 2012 presidential debate at the University of Denver. Getty Images
President Obama wore a blue tie with a very minimal pattern the same night. Both candidates chose the color that is associated with their party ties: Red for Republican and blue for Democrat. Getty Images
MIchelle Obama wore a royal blue ensemble by Preen to the first presidential debate. The First Lady had worn the skirt suit in public appearances twice before. Getty Images
For the first debate, Ann Romney opted for an all-ivory skirt suit that "references a fresh, new outlook" said color theory professor Emily Barnett. Getty Images
Mitt Romney is often seen on the campaign trail sporting a button-down Oxford shirt with rolled-up sleeves and blue jeans. Fashion forecaster Maren Hartman says it helps disassociate him with his Bain Capital wealth. AFP/Getty Images
Obama is more often seen on the campaign trial in a suit, as seen here on his way to a campaign rally in Miami, Florida. For a more casual look, he often loses the jacket and rolls up his sleeves. AFP/Getty Images
Michelle Obama received criticism for her Alexander McQueen gown at the White House state dinner with President Hu Jintao. The First Lady's critics scrutinized her decision to wear a British designer instead of a Chinese one. Getty Images
Paul Ryan has been reprimanded from heavy-hitting fashion publications for his baggy suits. Women's Wear Daily said he "is working an accountant-from-suburbia look," while Esquire called it a "trash-bag black suit." Getty Images