The death of a race course? Funding cuts take toll

Published 7:25 AM ET, Fri October 12, 2012
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Historic Fort Erie Race Track in Ontario, Canada, is headed for closure after controversial changes to gambling taxes on slot machines. Courtesy Michael Burns
The picturesque 155-year-old track is home to one of Canada's Triple Crown races -- the Prince of Wales Stakes. Courtesy Fort Erie Race Track
Horse Puss n Boots gained legendary status in Fort Erie in 1961 after plunging into the infield pond -- during a race. The track now holds an annual Puss n Boots Stakes, ending with a leap into the water by the winning jockey. Courtesy Fort Erie Race Track
Racing tracks across Canada are feeling the pinch. The country's second Triple Crown race -- the Queen's Plate in Toronto -- was attended by Briatin's Queen Elizabeth in 2010. Getty Images
Since the 1960s, when off-track betting was legalized in Britain, the industry has benefited from a direct payment from bookmakers called the Betting Levy. Audience numbers are also up, with crowds flocking to this year's Royal Ascot Races. Getty Images