This morning on “Starting Point,” Soledad O’Brien interviews CNN contributor and editor-in-chief Erick Erickson on his reaction to the first and only vice presidential debate of the 2012 race.

Soledad mentions a tweet Erickson published during the debate, claiming debate moderator Martha Raddatz did an ‘atrocious’ job reigning in the candidates.

“I absolutely think she did,” Erickson says.

“I think you’ve lost your mind,” Soledad counters.

“I think you’re a journalists and journalists are going to give her cover. I thought she was horrible,” Erickson adds.

Soledad says for her, “a moderator who let’s them go at it each other a little bit so you can get the argument but then jumps in and moves it to the right direction that’s very helpful as someone who was just watching. I got to watch it in the hall. Why do you disagree?”

Erickson says he believes Raddatz only interrupted when Rep. Paul Ryan was speaking and not when Vice President Joe Biden was speaking. He also argues that the debate was too foreign policy based, which leaned on Raddatz’s experience as a journalist. “I just think moderators shouldn’t make the focus of the debate their wheel-house,” he says.

“I think with Jim Lehrer, at least he got out of the way and let them talk,” Erickson adds. “With Jim Lehrer, I thought he was asleep for most of the debate but wound up being substantive. I haven’t been impressed with the moderators so far this year. But Candy Crowley will hit it out of the park, I guarantee.”