The 25 funniest tweets about the VP debate

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The Twittersphere weighs in on Thursday's vice-presidential debate

Jokes referenced Vice President Joe Biden's laughing and constant interruptions

People also commented on challenger Paul Ryan's frequent sips of water

The one and only vice-presidential debate was held in Danville, Kentucky

CNN  — 

When he wasn’t laughing, Joe Biden sounded like a belligerent old man.

Paul Ryan sipped from a cup and looked like a beleaguered altar boy.

Fair or not, those were just two characterizations of Thursday’s vice presidential debate on Twitter, where a Greek chorus of jokesters kept up a witty commentary throughout the 90-minute throwdown. As with any live TV event in the social media age, the people of Twitter let no gaffe or verbal tic go unnoticed.

Here are 25 of our favorites:

GuyEndoreKaiser – Tonight’s debate is scheduled for ninety minutes, but Paul Ryan is already claiming he can finish in fifty something.

Ana Marie Cox – I actually happen to have “malarkey” in the drinking game! Oh geez…

Jill Morris ‏‪– The VP candidates get to sit because they’re exhausted from standing up for our values. ‪#VPDebate

Morgan Murphy ‏‪– Biden’s teeth are so white they’re voting for Romney. ‪#VPDebate

The 25 funniest tweets about the first presidential debate

Indecision ‏‪– Watered-down sanctions are the worst. You need four just to get tipsy. ‪#vpdebate

Patton Oswalt – Ryan is a nervous Walmart manager. Biden is an irate customer with the receipt, the warranty & he’s friends w/ the store owner. #debate

Indecision ‏‪– Joe Biden would very much like for Paul Ryan to get off his lawn. ‪#vpdebate

Laughing Joe Biden ‏‪– Looooooool

Paul and Storm ‏‪– You can’t make Joe Biden look bad. He is your favorite uncle. He pulls quarters from behind your ears. ‪#VPDebate

Seth Masket ‏‪– Actually, this is like if Aaron Sorkin wrote an exchange between the Skipper and Gilligan. ‪#vpdebate


Sean Becker – “Oh, I get it now.” - Jim Lehrer

Paul Ryan Gosling ‏‪– Hey girl, I’m not taking nervous sips of water, I’m drinking every time Biden laughs at me. ‪#vpdebate

Jose Antonio Vargas ‏‪– Before this ‪#VPDebate, ‪@JoeBiden had a Venti macchiato and two cans of Red Bull.

James Garrett ‏‪– I kind of feel like Joe Biden is Kanye and Paul Ryan is Taylor Swift. ‪#VPDebate

National Review ‏‪– Wait, is Biden yelling at Martha Raddatz right now? I thought he was debating Paul Ryan…‪#VPDebate


Jeffrey Wisenbaugh ‏‪– Biden is yelling less. I think it’s getting closer to his bed time. ‪#sleepy ‪#VPDebate

Chad Schomber ‏‪– To think, all this just to sway 4-6% of undecided voters. And those folks are not watching the ‪#VPdebate

OK, so the headline on this story says 25 tweets. But here are some more, suggested by our users:

Bearded Stoner – Chuck Norris sleeps with the lights on because Joe Biden can strike at any time. #VPDebate

Albert Brooks – Biden just had a good run. I don’t know if these lines I’m watching on CNN are voters or his heart rate.

Patricia Lockwood ‏– Well of COURSE Joe Biden was laughing. He was literally debating a box of Count Chocula

Did you see other debate tweets that made you laugh? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @cnntech and we’ll add the best ones to the list.

CNN’s Doug Gross and John D. Sutter contributed to this story.