The original forensic investigation at the Dozier school (2012-2016)

Updated 7:15 PM ET, Wed July 17, 2019
Florida reform school graves KimmerleFlorida reform school graves Kimmerle
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Professor Erin Kimmerle of University of Southern Florida is part of the investigation team. Rich Phillips/CNN
During the original investigation, forensic anthropologists used ground penetrating radar to find out how many remains were buried. Rich Phillips/CNN
A makeshift cemetery on the grounds of the former reform school for boys. Rich Phillips/CNN
Anthropologists dig on the grounds of the former school in Marianna, Florida. Rich Phillips/CNN
Robert Straley says he endured 10 months of abuse at the reform school. Rich Phillips/CNN
The team excavates and examines the bodies. Rich Phillips/CNN
Ovell Smith Krell says her brother Owen died in 1940 under mysterious circumstances. Kimmerle's team found his body on the school grounds. Rich Phillips/CNN
Metal pipe crosses mark the graves. Rich Phillips/CNN