Fabulous fashion museums around the world

Updated 12:55 PM ET, Fri October 19, 2012
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The "Marilyn" exhibit features dozens of the Hollywood legend's Ferragamo-designed shoes, apparel from her wardrobe and photographs depicting her day-to-day life. MUSEO SALVATORE FERRAGAMO
Through January 28, 2013, fashion and film lovers can view the Ferragamo-created footwear Marilyn Monroe wore — and view an incredible collection of the star's photos — at Museo Salvatore Ferragamo. MUSEO SALVATORE FERRAGAMO
This gown, worn by Princess Diana, is from the Museo's 2008 exhibition, "Diana, Inspiration for a New Generation.". Museo de la moda
These designs are from the recent exhibition "Living Fashion. Women's Daily Wear 1750-1950," from the Jacoba de Jonge collection, which examined fashion's influence on the everyday lives of middle-class women in Western Europe during these years. Ronald Stoops
The new "Madame Grès. Sculptural Fashion" exhibition — with pieces loaned from Paris' famed Musée Gallièra, Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris and private collections — runs September 12 through February 10 and includes this spring/summer 1952 evening gown from the legendary Paris couturier. Stéphane Piera/Galliera/Roger-Viollet, Design: Paul Boudens
This German-designed snakeskin handbag from the 1920s features an ivory "cover sheet" depicting the biblical Eve with the proverbial apple. Museum of Bags and Purses, Amsterdam
One of the 4,000 items in the museum's collection is this whimsically shaped and designed bag called Orange by Sylvia Moschard. Museum of Bags and Purses, Amsterdam
This costumed image of Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirrenas Queen Elizabeth I is on display as part of the Fashion Museum's recent exhibition, "Jubilee: Dressing the Monarchy on Stage and Screen." Giles Keyte for Company Pictures/ Channel 4/HBO
The museum's current exhibition, "Sport and Fashion," runs all year and celebrates the UK-hosted 2012 Summer Olympics, examining the "close connection between active sportswear and fashion" by showcasing historic looks from the museum's collection and the latest in modern athletic apparel. Bath & North East Somerset Council
Dozens of Marc Jacobs-designed Louis Vuitton bags were on display in the museum's "Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs" exhibit, which covered two floors and told the fascinating stories of both design innovators' industry-changing careers. Luc Boegly
These experimental designs from Cyprus-born, British-trained designer Hussein Chalayan were featured in 2011's "Fashion Narratives" solo exhibition. Luc Boegly
The Kobe Fashion Museum displays garments from across the globe, including this 1912 day dress from French designer Paul Poiret. Kobe Fashion Museum
This Manchu Man's semi-formal summer court dress (Chi-fu) and Dragon robe (Lung p'ao) from the end of the Ch'ing Dynasty in China is on display here. Kobe Fashion Museum
These dresses were featured in last year's "On the Home Front: Civil War Fashions and Domestic Life," an exhibition remembering the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Its fashion offered a glimpse of some Americans' life experiences during the conflict. Photo by Bob Christy
In celebration of the museum's 25th anniversary year, it presented "Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage and Screen," after receiving the acclaimed actress' personal collection of film, stage and TV costumes, as well as those she wore for publicity purposes. Photo by Bob Christy
This plaid madras jacket, circa 1970, comes from "Ivy Style," a special exhibition September 14 through January 5, 2013, celebrating the "Ivy League look" that was actually cutting-edge when it debuted in the early 20th century on prestigious U.S. college campuses. Photograph by Eileen Costa, Courtesy The Museum at FIT, New York
The "Fashion, A-Z: Highlights from the Collection of the Museum at FIT, Part Two" exhibition through November 12 includes these evening gowns (from left) from Jean Paul Gaultier, Diane von Fürstenberg and Gianfranco Ferré and footwear from Salvatore Ferragamo. Courtesy The Museum at FIT, New York
Pictured is the title wall from the Costume Institute's wildly popular 2011 exhibition, "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty," which celebrated the late British designer and couturier and featured about 100 ensembles and 70 accessories from his 19-year career. Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
This wool broadcloth coat with gilt thread and sequin embroidery, and its matching waistcoa, are most likely British and hail from 1730. Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art