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MME talks to Areva CEO Luc Oursel about the Gulf States' nuclear option

Story highlights

  • MME talks to the CEO of French nuclear giant Areva about the Gulf States with nuclear ambitions
  • UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia pursue nuclear option despite massive oil reserves
  • In Focus: Where the world's 2 billion halal food consumers should look to next
FACETIME: Luc Ourcel, CEO, Areva
Despite sitting on a wealth of oil, Gulf States are looking at alternative energy options. One of the most controversial is the nuclear option. The UAE, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia amongst others have all announced their nuclear ambitions. One company that is hoping to benefit is the French energy company Areva. This week MME sat down with the company's CEO Luc Oursel and asked him about the region's search for energy.
IN FOCUS: An halal hub
One third of the world's population is Muslim, which means around 2 billion consumers for the halal food industry. Worth more than $660 billion, the halal sector is big business. Brazil and India are key suppliers to the market but as MME found out another BRIC country is hoping to tap into the sector.