Our Starting Point Tuesday… Sandusky speaks out. Ahead of his sentencing Tuesday, former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky released an audio statement denying that he sexually assaulted young boys and instead blamed victims and a “well-orchestrated effort” by the media, “the system” and Penn State to make him out as a “monster.”

7am ET – Jeffrey Fritz, an attorney for Sandusky Victim #4

8a ET – Gloria Allred, famed victims’ rights attorney


Elizabeth Cohen joins us with the latest on the Meningitis outbreak.

We’ll talk about the new shock poll, and why it might not be so shocking. And, Obama deploys Big Bird. We can’t show you the new ad until 5am, so tune in then to see it.

7:10am ET – Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee, a Romney supporter

8:30am ET – Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin from Illinois, an Obama supporter


Brian Todd is live in Roswell, NM keeping us up to date on the dramatic buildup to the record-breaking SKYDIVE FROM SPACE.

7:30am ET – NASA Astronaut Mark Kelly will talk about the jump and show us his new kids Kelly/9781442458246” > book, “The Moustronaut”

8:10am ET –  Daredevil Nik Wallenda on why some people are driven to cheat death.

And we cap it all off with Ashanti and Allan Houston. Talking about their involvement in making dreams come true through Madison Square Garden’s Garden of Dreams program.

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