Our Starting Point Monday… Mitt Romney warms up, despite cold snap – prepares for big foreign policy speech. Several stories filed this weekend talking about the “softer” more “revealing” Romney. We’ll talk about that, plus a speech Monday morning on foreign policy already being attacked by Team Obama, Press Secretary Jen Psaki calling Romney an “unmitigated disaster” on foreign policy. Greats guests lined up:

7am ET – Tara Wall, Senior Communications Adviser for the Romney campaign

7:30am ET – Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan from Ohio and member of the House Budget Committee

8am ET – Richard Williamson, Former Asst. Secretary of State who now is a senior foreign policy adviser for Romney

We’ll also talk to our good friend Howie Kurtz about the debate everyone is really talking about. No, not that one. Stewart vs. O’Reilly. In case you missed it, we’ll have all the best clips.

Soledad also sits down with the woman behind Big Bird, Sherrie Westin, (she’s Executive V.P. of Sesame Workshop). We’ll talk about Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit. That’s at 8:30am ET.

Join us at are usual time, 7am ET.