Reddit: 7 things that will change your life

Updated 2:45 PM EDT, Sun October 7, 2012

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Reddit users debate what $100 item can increase quality of life

Answers ranged from bicycles to crockpots

For a good night's sleep, ditch your bed for a hammock, one user suggests

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What single $100 item has the greatest ability to increase your quality of life?

Users of the social media site Reddit debated the question, and while the site might not be the first place one goes to for life-changing advice, some of the readers’ answers were just as good as Mom’s. Here are a few that stood out.

1. The thing: A 3-inch memory foam mattress pad, posted PioneerZero.

The reason: To relieve back pain. “My back feels soooo goood.”

2. The thing: Ditch the bed altogether (and the memory foam mattress pad) for a hammock.

The reason: Tool322 said, “I just bought one and have a spot in both my sitting room and bed room. Best sleep ever.”

“So did I,” wrote FreshCrown. “Somewhere out there are a bunch of hippies wondering why their hammock sales just skyrocketed.”

3. The thing and the reason: “This is probably under $100, but invest in a good crockpot. It’s changed my life as far as cooking amazing meals with minimal effort goes,” posted There-Wolf.

More reasons: “2 lbs beef cubes, 1 can of cream of mushroom and 1 can of French onion,” said buffcat.

“Throw in 1/2 cup of water (if you used condensed soup), some potatoes and carrots… Baby, you’ve got a stew going,” added Simonzi

4. The thing: “A real tool kit,” posted khthon. “Or a good Leatherman multi-tool,” wrote Mr_DrProf_Derp.

The reason: “A good set of tools will save you time and money. I fix almost anything with my set of tools. I know a lot of people who don’t have them,” wrote khthon.

After back-and-forth about who disassembled what percentage of their automobile with which tools, shenpen brought a much-needed moment of sanity to the conversation: “Look it takes skill and education, it is not like the tools will automagically fix it themselves.” Noted.

5. The thing: “A used bicycle from craigslist. Go for a vintage ten speed. Don’t turn it into a fixie. Just give it a tune-up, and ride it,” said Thousands_of_Spiders.

The reason: “Einstein loved bikes like Reagan claimed to love horses. If you live in a place that will let you adapt at least part of your lifestyle to a good bike, your quality of life will absolutely benefit,” posted Brokenshatner.

6. The thing: Amazon Prime, submitted by jwardlark.

The reason: Also by jwardlark: “Its a procrastinator’s dream come true. So much money saved shipping last minute gifts. Also great if you are impatient.”

More reasons: “I believe you also get Amazon’s video service with Amazon Prime as well,” said TuxthePenguin.

“Yes. And guess what show they have every season of? Arrested Development. Prime is such a good investment,” wrote TheWobble.

“7 seasons of The West Wing!” posted macktastick.

“Student? Get the student membership. First 6months free, and only around $39 for each following year instead of 79,” said a user whose name cannot be repeated here.

“Or, have a kid, and you get a year’s Prime for free through ‘Amazon Mom’. You also save money on diapers. Having a baby saved us $79! Oh, wait….,” wrote missstar.

7. The thing: $100 worth of the same socks.

The reason: From Guardian_Jecht: “Throw away every sock you have. im not joking. i dont care what cute socks your girlfriend bought you, throw them all away. now go buy 100$ worth of one kind of sock. imagine…from now on you will never have to match socks again. ever.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

Tell us in the comments what $100 item has changed your life.