04:15 - Source: CNN
Romney: I Was Wrong On The "47%"

Although Mitt Romney has previously stood by his secretly-recorded comments about the 47% of Americans who don’t pay income taxes, the Republican candidate reversed course in an interview with Fox News last night, saying that his comments were “completely wrong.”

On Starting Point this morning, Rep. Phil Gingrey weighs in on Romney’s reversal, saying that “it was exactly right to walk back and admit that he made a mistake.”

When asked to clarify whether or not Romney’s change in positions could be referred to as a “flip-flop,” Gingrey responds, “The conservative candidate in the primary is always going to lean right and come back to the center for the general. So will the Democrat. That’s all you’re seeing here. It’s very typical and we strong conservatives understand that… There are a lot of undecideds and we want those votes too, so it’s campaign strategy.”

Soledad presses Gingrey on this statement, asking whether or not this is another “etch-a-sketch” moment in the candidate’s campaign.

Gingrey responds that “some could refer to it as campaign tactics, good campaign tactics without violating ones principals.”