Following President Obama’s lackluster performance in the first presidential debate on Wednesday, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) argues on “Starting Point” that the debate’s impact has been “very, very limited.”

“The fact is that this president came out and he laid out very carefully his plan for the future,” Cummings argues. “We don’t know what Mr. Romney is about. On one hand, he talked for the last 18 months about a $5 trillion tax cut. And the next thing you know, abracadabra, it’s gone.”

The congressman also argues that “no matter what [Romney] says” his comment about the 47% continues to overshadow his campaign. “Mr. Romney feels he knows that that was extremely damaging,” Cummings says, adding that the image of “people drinking their wine and having a nice time” will be long-lasting.