03:55 - Source: CNN
Burton 'outraged' over Romney PBS remark

President Obama and Mitt Romney may be back on the campaign trail today, but people are still talking about the moment in the debate when the Republican candidate says that he would eliminate funding for PBS if he wins the presidency.

Romney’s remark prompted a huge response on social media, with mentions of Big Bird going up %800,000 on Facebook right afterward.

PBS lovers, including actor Levar Burton, who hosted “Reading Rainbow” on PBS for 21 seasons, are outraged that the network is being targeted.

Burton sits down with Soledad on Starting Point this morning to explain how he reacted to Romney’s remark and to explain why he thinks that the network should continue to receive funding.

“I couldn’t believe that the man actually fixed his mouth to say that. I interpreted it as an attack on children Soledad, it’s an attack on children who come from disenfranchised backgrounds,” Burton says. “PBS is the nation’s largest classroom. It guarantees equal access to the wonderfulness that PBS has provided for 50 years and to callously, blatantly say that it’s on the agenda to be cut, it’s not okay.”