American Airlines
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American Airlines' explanation for its seat safety issues has some consumers crying foul.

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American Airlines' claim that beverage 'gunk' contributed to seat problems raises eyebrows

Twitter users and commenters respond to airline's claim

Tweet: 'I guess pretzels are to blame for my lost luggage'

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Spilled beverage ‘gunk’ as an explanation for American Airlines’ recent airline seat malfunctions isn’t sitting well with many consumers.

Twitter users and commenters have cried foul. Here are some of their pithy responses to American’s assertion that crumb and beverage buildup is partly to blame for seats coming detached from their tracks.

The tweets and comments below may have been edited for clarity:

@flyoverangel American Airlines says seat probs due to “food gunk.” If that’s the case, wouldn’t every highchair ever made fall to pieces?

Commenter tengig: I guess it’s a good thing that theater seats don’t fly.

Commenter Midnitejax: Please…someone explain to me how you can spill soda or coffee onto the floor or tracks for the seats, WHEN YOUR KNEES ARE STUCK AROUND YOUR EARS? I’m surprised the airlines haven’t found a a way to charge extra for carrying on your legs!!

@Beretta_USA Really, #americanairlines? Spilled coffee is to blame for loose seats? I guess pretzels are to blame for my lost luggage.

@nzmuda Soda blamed for all the world’s ills, it seems. @BeverageDigest Caused the San Francisco earthquake too.

Commenter CNNuthin: In response, Mayor Bloomberg has banned soda from being served in all flights leaving JFK.

How would you save American Airlines?

Commenter AndreaMilnes: I do believe this may be the death knell of the tiny Dixie cup with the splash of a free drink on flights. Or else they’re going to start serving us all in sippie cups.

@scottedelman So the American Airlines seats that popped loose were OUR fault for spilling soda. Oh, that makes me feel MUCH better.

Commenter pawarush: Fare increase … there will be an additional charge if you prefer seats locked in place. Thank you for flying American!

@BenjiJGreen On a scale of 1-10 how good is the word ‘gunk’? Got to be at least a 9.