Imagining the evolution of phones

Updated 12:21 PM ET, Sun October 7, 2012
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In 5 years: After the Patent Wars in which Apple emerged victorious, rivals embrace triangular forms. Stewart Scott-Curran
In 15 years: Smartphones evolve into Smartglasses, which provide a constant stream of content and advertisement directly into the user's field of vision. Tim Lampe
In 25 years: Extreme miniaturization turns phones into single use, disposable devices. Stewart Scott-Curran
In 50 years: Wearable phones are trendy again, with the "wristwatch" style becoming all the rage. It includes voice activation and holograms. Tim Lampe
In 75 years: The phone is a microchip in the brain. Thoughts connect instantly when on dial. Stewart Scott-Curran
In 100 years: Civilization has crumbled. Communication comes full circle as dialogue between humans reverts to individuals throwing rocks at each other. Tim Lampe