Witchcraft in Tanzania: the good, the bad and the persecution

Updated 11:30 AM ET, Mon October 8, 2012
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"Good witch" Mama Safi dons glasses and a red sheet while preparing to perform a healing ritual. She claims she was granted special powers by people wearing a similar uniform when she was sick. Errol Barnett/CNN
Sacred objects such as roots are among various items required for a traditional healing ceremony. Errol Barnett/CNN
Mama Safi claims to have never studied Arabic yet uses red ink to write the language on a ceremonial plate during a healing procedure. Errol Barnett/CNN
Witchdoctors' belief that albino body parts bring great wealth has led to attacks on people with albinism in western Tanzania. Suleiman Musa works to raise awareness about his genetic condition among Tanzanians. Errol Barnett/CNN
Musa has found support through an informal football team made up of people with albinism. Albino United hope to dispel myths about people with the genetic disorder. Errol Barnett/CNN